1 Devang koshti samaj matrimony

devang koshti samaj matrimony , devangan koshti samaj the people who were making the clothes of god and clothes of kings they were called as devang or devangan koshti

devang koshti matrimony ,devang koshti vadhu var suchak sanstha ,devang koshti matrimonial ,devang koshti vivah, devang koshti vadhu var melava ,devang koshti is very rich these people were used to weave the clothes of god and kings hence they were called as devang koshti ,devang koshti samaj is mainly situated in sangali ,usmanabad, nashik, amravati, kolhapur, united states of america , australia

1  koshti sangam

in koshti samaj when all subcasts come together for marriage purpose that is known as koshti sangam


2  jeevansangini koshti

 jeevansangini koshti means brides rural brides are not limited for rural areas but also they go to big cities of India after marriage

3 halba koshti divorcee brides divorcee matrimony

remarriage nowadays divorces are happening in large amount hence halba koshti divorcee brides matrimony  are available for second marriage